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The Verse of the Throne is one of the well-known verses of the Holy Quran, and is also called “the Greatest verse” according to one of the hadith of our beloved Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. It is an oft-recited verse due to its numerous mentions in the ahadith, and due to the powerful meanings it carries in regards to Allah himself and His Attributes of the Living, the Everlasting, and the All-high, amongst others.

With this beautiful decal, you can make this noble verse of the Quran, which also contains protective powers from the All-glorious, a daily reminder for yourself and family.

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Please send us an email at support@yaqeeni.com or text us at: +1 302-200-6512 if you have any questions regarding the product.

Easy Installation....
Supplied with detailed instructions, your wall sticker is quick and easy to install.

Suitable indoors & outdoors, you can apply your sticker to almost any smooth surface including paint, glass, metal, plastic, wood, tiles, plaster….

Removing your sticker is also simple, leaving no marks, glue or residue.

If you need help with installation or just have a question, contact us at support@yaqeeni.com.

What are Yaqeeni Wall Stickers?
At Yaqeeni, our wall stickers are made from ultra-thin, high quality, self-adhesive vinyl. These can be directly applied onto your wall (or any hard smooth surface), giving the impression that it has been painted onto the surface. It is quite an amazing concept.  

Do wall stickers damage walls?
No - The high quality of our stickers and adhesive prevent damage to your wall.

How long do our stickers last for?
Once applied our wall stickers (made from premium vinyl) usually last several years. However, this dependent on climate, type of paint/surface and so on. The minimum life expectancy is 4-5 years with 7 years being a common life expectancy.  We guarantee the vinyl for one year, and provide after care service to assist you as much as possible.   Thus rest assured that you will be able to enjoy your artwork for many many years. 

What kind of wall can I apply a sticker to?
Stickers are meant to be applied on flat, hard, smooth (non textured) surfaces. They will easily transfer onto most surfaces that fit that description.  Our stickers apply easily on most common types of home interior paints, such as latex- and oil-based paints.  

Please note brands of new Eco-paint don't allow decals to stick on them. If your wall is rough, bumpy, or newly painted, decals are difficult to apply and may not adhere properly. 

I have recently painted my walls, how long should I wait before I apply my new wall sticker?
The surface must be dry for the decal to adhere properly.  We recommend that you wait two weeks after painting a wall to apply one of our stickers. 

Are wall stickers easy to apply?
 Yes - The installation process is quick and simple.

Can wall stickers be repositioned?
 No - Following installation, wall decals are in a fixed position. They can be moverd during installation though.

Where's the best place to put my sticker?
You want to put your piece some place where you will see it often so you are inspired by the dhikr and message it conveys. Our designs come in various shapes for different areas, so you're sure to find something for every wall space. However, please note: avoid applying decals to walls near radiators and stoves.

Make sure that the wall or surface is clean, dry, and hasn't been freshly painted. Apply decals on a cool day; the wall and decal should be at room temperature. Read the instructions carefully, and try again. You can always contact us and we'll gladly assist you.

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